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To accelerate obtaining answers to your questions, we kindly ask to state a question essence accurately and in detail. Before asking a question, it is necessary to look for the answer in blog materials. It is quite possible that the answer to your question is already available, and you easily obtain necessary information. For service use you need to adopt the Agreement.

Agreement on participation

You are given an opportunity to ask a question, having filled a form with necessary fields:

- Your name (Author of a question)

- Your personal e-mail

- Subject of your question

- Question Text

Questions aren't considered:

- Anonymous, except for separate cases;

- Containing obscene expressions;

- Containing unreadable texts and unclear acronyms;

- Pointing to the problem which isn't within the competence of the person to whom the question is addressed;

Form of address can be subjected to moderation according to ethics standards and spelling rules, and only after that is published.

- The data of offensive character containing the slander, the damaging evidence, other data doing harm of honor, to the advantage and business reputation, or used for a defamation can be excluded from the address text.

As a rule, the address moderation and preparation even of the intermediate answer takes certain time. In this connection, the repeated (duplicating) addresses, or addresses specifying the reason of non-stationing of earlier submitted addresses or the status of their current moderation can be not published.

Claims on terms of response to the addresses demanding operational permission (questions of urgent character), in particular, which have come to time off aren't accepted.

The consent with these provisions is the integral condition for the publication of the address.



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You are here: Главная Questions and answers