The Department of Strategic Partnership and Supportof Entrepreneurship

The Department of Strategic Partnership and Support of Entrepreneurship (hereinafter referred to as DSPSE) is a structural unit of the University and works with other university structural units on issues of strategic development and partnership.Activities of DSPSE is based on the principles of professional competence, legality and business interaction with other structural units of the university.

The purpose of the DSPSE is to determine the strategic directions of development and coordinate the main steps in the implementation of the university development strategy, form a contingent of students, and build a positive image of the university and expand strategic partnership with national and international organizations.

Main goals:

 - Implementation of proposals for the formation of strategic goals and priorities for the development of the university in accordance with the policy of the RK in the field of education and science;

 - Development, monitoring and coordination of the implementation of the university development strategy and formation of a culture of strategic thinking of the University staff;

- Preparation and introduction of the mechanism of cooperation of the university with leading foreign and domestic universities and educational centers;

-Organization and implementation of additional profile educational services;

- Conducting work to upgrade the qualifications of the teaching staff and university staff;

- Conducting work on the formation of a contingent of students;

- Activities aimed at promoting the university brand in the international and domestic markets;


- Coordination of the strategic directions and goals of the university with the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Analysis of strategic initiatives carried out by structural units of the University, on the conformity of the development strategy of the university;

- Consulting and methodical support of the formation of strategic plans, programs for the development of the University's units;

- Coordination and monitoring of the main directions of the University Development Strategy;

- Analysis and evaluation of indicators of the University Development Strategy and development programs of structural units;

- Evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of measures for the strategic development of the University and the use of internal and external resources of the University, the preparation of analytical reporting on its results and the development of corrective actions for identified deviations;

- Analysis of the reasons for the failure to implement measures to implement the University's strategy, as well as developing recommendations for their overcoming.

- Preparation, coordination and further implementation of agreements with partners of the University on partnership, cooperation and joint activities;

- Preparation, planning of activities, as well as normative, analytical and methodological support and monitoring of joint activities of structural units with UNICEF partners;

- Preparation and participation on behalf of the university in exhibitions, seminars and other events organized in the field of development of cooperation with state and other educational organizations;

- Carrying out informational, methodological, and auxiliary work with structural divisions on the implementation of the process of professional development and professional competence of teachers, employees and students;

- Organization and coordination of work on preparation and implementation of additional educational programs;

- Establishment of close contacts with the educational institutions of the region, the city and the surrounding regions to form a contingent, as well as various activities aimed at establishing close partnership relations;

- Organization and implementation of monitoring and information and methodological work and career guidance work with students of final classes and courses of secondary, technical, and vocational education institutions;

- Preparation and conduct of preparatory classes, courses, open days for university entrants;

- Organization, development and implementation of work on the formation and popularization of the positive image of the university, including the preparation of advertising and image materials, videos and information about the university;

- Work to develop academic mobility aimed at finding opportunities for the participation of students and members of the teaching staff in international educational grants, internships, and finding sources of funding for this;

- Study and ensure participation in international academic projects and programs.

- Participation in the work on accreditation procedures defined accreditation agencies;

- Collection and preparation of statistical reports on the university for participation in international and national rankings;

- Providing high-quality and timely information on the University's website in the areas of the Department's activities;

- Preparation and implementation of the work plan of the DSPSE;

Personnel of the Department:

1. Director - Bogdashkina Irina Vyacheslavovna


2. Head of the Marketing and Contingent Education Department - Rakhymgaliev Beibit Kilambekovich

3. The operator - Kusainova Ainur Kandybekovna

4. Head of Lifelong education and rating department - Berimbetova Aymaral Zhadigeruzy

5. Manager of Lifelong education - Nigmetullina Assel Rahmetolakyzy

6. Manager of Academic Mobility - Ahbalina Ayagoz Abayevna

7. Manager of rating - Majitova Aizada Umirzakovna

8. Head of the Center for Commercialization of Technologies and Business Incubation - Ayeshova Gulshat Amangeldiyevna

9. Manager of business incubation - Pashchenko Natalia Nikolayevna


Interoffice telephone: 2-07

Reception hours: Monday-Friday 15.00-18.00

Administration Building, 2nd floor

Е-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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