Edition of newspaper “Zangar”

Student’s newspaper of Zhangir khan West Kazakhstan University was found in March 2004. So the newspaper 2 times a month, in A4 format, of 8 lanes.

For the past 12 years, she encouraged students from their student life materials. Newspaper "Zangar" is designed to inform youth and teaching staff Zhangir Khan WKATU, accurate, timely and actual information about student life, activities, major events in the university and outside it, about actual issues and problems of students' lives.

The main readers of our newspaper its students, so the key themes of the publications are themes of moral education, social activity of youth, healthy lifestyle, patriotic education. The newspaper published the article notes, and both students and teachers. Our regular column: "Our ally," "Youth Creativity", "Youth and Politics", "Health", "Alumni" and others.

The first editor - famous journalist, a member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Tarbie Oryngalievna Smagulova. Then the chief editor of the newspaper became Muratbek Sanakovich Erzhakypov who put a lot of work in its development. In subsequent years, the editors of "Zangar" was University graduate Zhidegul Gafarovna Amangalieva, Dinara Zhumabekovna Esentaeva, Aigul Zholsaryevna Akhmetov.

Today the newspaper is headed by Dinara Zhumabekova Alpeisova and also worked as a correspondent Aynur Otegenovna Bazarov and designer Kairat Maksutovich Isimov.

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