General information

In the West Kazakhstan Agricultural and Technical University named after Zhangir-khan successfully introduced a multi-level system for training bachelor's, master's, doctoral students (PhD).

Post-graduate education, including magistracy and doctoral studies, in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", is the highest level of the system of permanent education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scientific, personnel, educational, methodological and information, material and technical support of the educational process at the university guarantees the possibility of mastering educational programs of specialties, their fundamental scientific and pedagogical training by the students, which allows them to effectively follow researching activities.

Master's and doctoral studies of the university are provided with scientific and pedagogical professioanls with the highest qualification and modern teaching technologies. Over 160 doctors and candidates from the university, as well as from foreign partner universities, carry out research work of undergraduates and doctoral candidates and conduct training sessions.

The undergraduates and doctoral students of the university are actively engaged in research work in the laboratories of the Research Institute of the University and foreign partner universities.

The university has cooperation agreements with leading domestic and foreign universities on all specialties of postgraduate education.

Undergraduates and doctoral students are provided with free access to international information networks, to library funds and databases and to computer technologies.

The Master's program includes:

1) theoretical training, including the study of basic and profiling disciplines;

2) practical training of undergraduates includes various types of practices, professional internships;

3) research work, including the implementation of the master's thesis, for scientific and pedagogical magistracy;

4) experimental and research work, including the execution of the master's thesis, for the profile magistracy;

5) intermediate and final attestation.

Master's Courses

The previous level of education of those wishing to receive the master's degree programs i.e higher education.

Preparation for the master's programs ZKATU named after Zhangir Khan has been led since 2005 in two directions: scientific and pedagogical; profile

The scientific and pedagogical magistracy (the term of training is 2 years) realizes the professional curriculum of postgraduate education for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the scientific sphere, which has in-depth scientific and pedagogical preparation. Graduates of the scientific and pedagogical magistracy can engage in pedagogical activity. The profile magistracy (the term of study is 1-1.5 years) realizes the professional curriculum of postgraduate education in the training of management personnel for the economy, medicine, law, education, arts, services and business, with in-depth training. Graduates of the profile magistracy can engage in pedagogical activity after the completion of the additional academic period.

Studying in the magistracy is carried out only in full-time.

Those who have mastered the educational programs of the magistracy and have publicly defended their master's thesis are awarded the academic degree of "master".

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