Academic experience


With great pleasure I am glad to share the experience of mine, accomplished with the help of the department of external affairs, cathedra of “Machine exploitation and health safety and the department of postgraduate education. I am also pleased to introduce my person in such a circumstance – I Arsen Nugaliev am a master degree student majoring “Environmental protection and health safety” in West Kazakhstan agrarian University. Accepted and sent to University of Lodz located in Poland with the purpose of study, further advancement, for mutual and common international experience.

My primary subjects in University of LODZ were closely related to Environmental sciences and Biology led by experienced PhD teachers; in those lectures and lab classes I have learned plenty. Now, system of study and teacher-student relation is a bit distinguished, and I deem might be more remote, for the cause of the internet and e-mail system.

The faculty of “Biology and environmental health” in which I studied is equipped with best research technologies led by prodigious doctors of science; those Doctors conduct conferences, elaborate on main challenges within the EU and in the world. There is also a university community that holds activities toward cultural advancement of their students, which are domestic and international, those activities are – parties, theater arrangements, musical sessions, sport entertainments and international dinner evenings. It was there I met my new friends, soul mates, and those, whose vision, relation and major are closely related to science and education. And as who he met those beautiful people, one who has shared common sense of good, I am glad to encourage others to join their international comrades in the provided opportunities, I encourage them to share common good, experience, understanding and mentality.


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You are here: Главная Магистрантам Academic experience