Comity of student and lectures of high education institution of the ROK, aware of its responsibility for realize of the main purpose of high education system. This preparation of professional and cultural oriented person which have worldview potential, creative thinking, owns of stable competencies for specialty and consider it yourself duty to the strengthening and development of corporate governance principles, adopts this code of honor students and teachers of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and shall fully comply with it

Code of the honor of lectures

The main direction of activity of activity of lector it’s work with the students, care about them civility and culture, education of intrinsic patriotism for our motherland.

Lector must be a professional and always working to improve their theoretical knowledge and pedagogical skills, activity conduct of researching and scientifically work with conscionable search of knowledge duly providing of evidence, impartial reasoning and honesty in reporting of results.

Lector – example decency, intellectuality, moral, active propagandist of nationhood of the ROK and principal adversary of show of treating, no discipline and no responsibility.

Lector on personal example prove for students about observe of workflow and education disciplines its regardful relationship with collegues exacting for himself, words and behavior. Admit their mistakes and rectify them cleanly.

Lector would be honest and candour in professional opinion of their colleagues and students, he organized, his wordage coincident with act, openly signify of their position by principal questions of activity and argument prove of their view.

Code of the honor of lectures of Kazakhstan high education institutes it is system of moral norm, assurance and good conduct of requirements which founded on admitted moral principles, Kazakh society and country norm.

We take responsibility for the realization of the stated basic principles and following of code of the honor of lecture and student. We will be apply active effort to ensure that our universities were examples of honest and intellectual power of educational system of Kazakhstan.

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You are here: Главная The code of honor of teachers