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«Mechta Laboratory» starts to move his first steps inside the University on September 1, 2016. Our purpose is the creation of a training and production center involving italian, kazakh and international excellences, to train tomorrows workers, technicians and managers.

«Mechta Laboratory» aims to create a real connection between scientific world, students, institutions and entrepreneurs, where each one takes his own role and benefit.

«Mechta Laboratory» tasks:

- Searching specialists with a common aim

- Professional practice, trainings in the university and in companies’ laboratories

- Attracting professionals from companies to train students

- Realizing dreams of future specialists in your career growth

- The possibility to prepare highly qualified specialists

- Open scientific laboratorie.

Partners of «Mechta Laboratory»

The main representative of «Mechta Laboratory» Project:

1. Caspian Proger/Proger, Kazakhstan/Italian Engineering and Management Services

Other partners:

2. West Synergy - Kazakhstan

Multi Service consulting and logistic, Visa Support, Engineering Service, Start-up Service, General Consulting

3. HyCaPe- Hong Kong,

Full range of supplies and services for the C.I.S. hydrocarbon industry (upstream and downstream oil&gas, petrochemical&chemical)

4. KazMuPro- Kazakhstan

Multi Project&General Consulting

Incoming Partners:

5. iFreedom- Italy

6. Cerrone Gioielli- Italy/ Australia

7. B&B Corte Sveva

8. “Green House”- Italy

9. “Organic fertilizers”

10. “Experimental Seed”


West Kazakhstan,

Uralsk city, st. Zhangir khan 51,

West Kazakhstan agrarian-technical university named after Zhangir khan,


tel.number: 8 7112 250595

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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