rektor2017Askar Mirzahmetovich Nametov

Chairman of the Board - Rector,

Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor , Academician

Education: higher in 1985, veterinarian, Moscow Order of  Labor Red Banner, Veterinary Academy after named K.I. Skryabin;

1988-1991 – a graduate study in Veterinary Surgery Department of  Moscow veterinary academy named after  K.I. Skryabin;


1987-1988  Assistant of the Agricultural Animals Anatomy Department of  Alma-Ata Zoological Veterinary Institute;

1992-1994 – Assistant of the Surgery and the Veterinary Fundamentals of Medicine Department of the Alma-Ata Zoological Veterinary Institute;

1994-1996 – Docent of the Veterinary Surgery Department, Deputy Dean of Alma-Ata Zoological Veterinary Institute;

1996-2000 – Docent of  Obstetrics and Surgery Department and  Department of Non-communicable Diseases of  Kazakh State Agrarian University ;

2000-2001  Head of the Kazakh National Agrarian University Educational Department;

2001-2001 – an acting vice-rector for educational and methodical work of the Kazakh National Agricultural University;

2001-2002 – an acting head of the educational-scientific-pedagogical complex of veterinary and biotechnology of Kazakh National Agricultural University ;

2002-2003 – Director of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Institute of Kazakh National Agricultural University;

2003-2009 – a vice-rector on educational and methodical work of Kazakh National Agricultural University, Chairman of the Dissertation Council on Veterinary Specialties at Kazakh National Agricultural University;

2009-2015  Rector of Kostanai State University named after  A. Baytursinov ;

2015-2017  Chairman of the Board of a Non-public Joint-stock Company "National Agrarian Scientific-Educational Center";

Since November 24, 2017 - Chairman of the Board-Rector of Non-public Joint-stock Company "Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan Agrarian-Technical University".

Publications: the author of more than 120 scientific articles, methodical recommendations, approved by the Veterinary Department of  Agriculture Ministry of Kazakhstan, 10 inventions patentee, which are successfully used in production and in scientific laboratories. He is one of authors of the first "Veterinary Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (in 3 volumes), 12 state standards implementator of veterinary and livestock specialties for higher professional and special education, implementator of 10 state standards for

postgraduate and doctoral studies, 20 model curricula in subjects of higher and postgraduate education, 3 textbooks on veterinary surgery.

Main achievements: Under the А.М. Nametov’s leadership Kostanai University introduced the principles of corporate management by expanding the functions of collegiate management bodies and increasing their openness and transparency, attracting students and employers to management, paid close attention to the development of internal and external academic mobility of students in the framework of the MARCO and CASIA project, the EU Erasmus Mundus program. The concept of education quality assurance for the university were elaborated.

Under the leadership of A.M. Nametov in Non-public Joint-stock Company "National Agrarian Scientific-Educational Center (NASEC)" strategic documents of NASEC, map of agrarian science modernization were elaborated. P receive are involved in the development of PGR AIC 2017- 2020 y.

With the direct participation of NASEC, investment proposals and a financial and economic department of 2 universities (KazNAU, KATU after S.Seyfullin) were developed, all positive conclusions were obtained on financing in the framework of State program of industrial-innovative development for equipping laboratories with 642.5 million in 2016 and 992 million in the current year . He also oversaw the establishment of research universities on the basis of these universities.

He has certificates of professional development and experience exchange on management issues in education, organization of educational process on credit technology training, organization of scientific work in universities, research and production centers in the USA, Holland, Britain, Austria, Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain, Poland, etc.


2003 year - President of the Presidential Grant to support young scientists and study in foreign countries;

2005 - a governmental award – the medal "For the Hard work";

2011 -  an anniversary medal "A 20 year of Kazakhstan Independence";

2014 - Order "Kurmet";

2016 - an anniversary medal "A 25 year of Kazakhstan independence".

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